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I'm Gabrielle Rebecca Noe.

Artist. Huntress. Lover of the finer things in life. 

When I was a child, I acquired the sobriquet 'fancy' - in a way it was my destiny. A calling. A way to live my life searching out beauty and sharing it with those around me. 

I appreciate the combination of design and the beauty of print. Most times, I find inspiration in an old book of illustrations over a hot cup of tea, the wallpaper in an old house, or the print on a vintage scarf. I believe in kindness & in this fast moving world, finding the time to slowwww down. In taking the time to sit down and write a heartfelt note on pretty paper, to tell someone just how much they mean to you. In being thankful and gracious and letting someone know. In penning those thoughts that come to you late at night, because they matter.

When my husband and I first became engaged, I started working on our wedding invitation suite. I knew that nothing I would find online would



 encapsulate the feeling I wanted my guests to feel when they opened that envelope. A secret garden wrapped up in the prettiest calligraphy and bursting with personality.  I wanted to represent our love for each other while keeping true to the style & luxury that I enjoy.

It was an epiphany. A dramatic realization that I could put my years of art school & right brain to use (AND do something I was passionate about). 

I love working closely with my clients - share your heart with me! I want to create designs that fit your vision as closely & perfectly as possible. It is my highest pleasure to create for you designs that are as much a work of love as they are a work of art.

I reside + design in Dallas, Texas with my sweet husband, Benjamin, & our French Bulldogs, Toro & Augustus.